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About Adbox

A proud Aussie startup, Adbox Australia wants to genuinely make a difference in the world of food delivery. Adbox is a fresh, innovative way to regulate food temperature in transit. The combination of food transport with ad space is a new and exciting approach to food delivery that will be sure to impress.

Adbox Australia is a home-grown Aussie business, co-founded by two entrepreneurs from Sydney who had a vision.

They were aware that the food delivery industry was expanding exponentially in this country. They understood that Australia was following the path of Europe and Americas, and that food delivery was only going to grow in the future. They saw a need for a product that could get the food to the customer at the right temperature which would also be utilised as the advertising space.

So, they spent a year designing and prototyping what eventually became the Adbox, a light-up food delivery box that affixes to delivery scooters. The current concept was finalised towards late 2016 which marked the birth of the Adbox.

Designed in Sydney, the Adbox is now being manufactured and is available for purchase. We offer a wide range of products and advertising options as well as custom solutions to suit all your food transportation and advertising needs.

We look forward to working with you to revolutionise your food delivery business.

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